The Inmates Letter

Chapel WorshipDear Family, Friends, Partners, Pastors, Prayer Intercessors and Volunteers.

There are times when we wonder how much good we are doing. Does the time, prayers or funds that we are giving really make a difference.
Let me assure you that what you are giving for the Lord’s; work is being used by the Lord to make a difference in many lives. Many of the men and women we share with, had little or no hope for their lives, some were even thinking about ending their lives. These lost souls had no belief in prayer or God what so ever.

I have attached a letter from a man that I met over two years ago who was one of these people. After the team shared and prayed with him in bible studies and chapel services, read his letter that is attached, and you will see you are making a huge difference, not only in Gods Kingdom but also in lives of many people and their families.

Inmates letter Page 1
Inmates letter page 2
Inmates letter page 3

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