Three PCM volunteers Travel to NB Detention Centre

preaching in jailThree PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES volunteers, Jim, Mike, and Bill left Fredericton 11:00 am to travel 3 hrs to a NB Detention Centre. While on route we discussed what we would speak about and wondering what the Holy Spirit would do. We always stop for a quick lunch and to collect our thoughts prior to entering the institution.

This day we are in a restaurant rather than a coffee shop. The place is packed and it doesn’t take too long to realize it is filled with young basketball players. Youth, you got to love them, full of energy and love of life, sometimes an age at risk. The place is a buzz with the energy of teenagers.

While we are talking it is difficult to hear, however, suddenly a man approaches our table from an adjacent group of adults. He pleasantly inquires as to who we are. We tell him we are Prison ministry volunteers, and where we are going shortly. We exchange conversation, and he returns to his table. Our meals come to our table, and we keep talking over lunch.

When the time came to leave, this gentleman again approached us, and asked if we would be willing to give a short word of encouragement to his team. It was then we realized he was their coach. Mike asked what type of talk, motivational or spiritual, saying we are all about Jesus and the Gospel. The man looked at us and said, “you give them spiritual that is what you do!” So Mike was given a rare opportunity to speak the Word to a group of teenagers as a pre game pep talk! They listened quietly and respectfully as Mike spoke of Jesus and God. We then said our good byes. You just never know what God may have in store on these trips.

Once we arrived at our destination we were blessed with people of the same age bracket as in the restaurant. What a contrast of ministry, and what a blessing! Mike opened with a few words about who we are and what we do. Jim opened us up in song and we sang requests from the song book. After singing, Mike introduced Bill, who delivered the teaching and spoke on relationship and how important it is to have good relationships. Drawing on the fact that God is a relational God. He longs to have relationship with His creation. We then had prayer and Mike wrapped up our time with a few comments regarding our eternal destination and how it is determined by our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Once done we had a brief time of talking and looking at some books we brought.

Then it was back to Fredericton, where we proceeded to a benefit concert presented by Christian Prison Ministries for the African sponsor a child program. After the concert, we tore down equipment, carried musical gear and gave people drives home.

I have found since being in Prison ministry, one never knows what the Holy Spirit will have us doing. All in all a very ministry packed day which ended at 11:00 pm. Then home for a much deserved rest. by Bill McLaughlin

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