Well, two more prisons on Tuesday, and we head home on Wednesday. Tomorrow we have a church service to attend and participate in, then a meal at our host’s mother in law’s place. We have been busy to say the least. Weather is hot and the sky pretty much cloudless. Temperatures during the days stay around 30 + and don’t vary by 7 degrees over night, a far cry from current NB weather!

We as a team have had a lot to do and to prepare for from prison to prison, however we have been very blessed. The response of the inmates has been astounding to say the least. We went not knowing what really to expect, and have been greatly impacted. Today I was in the Golf resort having lunch and noticed my waitress was named Rachel. Seemed sort of bitter sweet to me at first, but I was reminded of how many times I was able to share her story or portion of her story as opportunity arose within the ladies prisons. Today we went to a men’s prison in Vihiga, a nice town that has the newest prison. Hospitality was at it’s usual best and so was the singing. I can hear the men singing even yet as I write this. God at work in the prisons. Reform and restoration in the hearts of the officials, all singing together in unison, giving thanks to God for His great provision. How can this be, I keep asking myself? I remember that the things that are impossible with man, are possible with God. We left there in the heat of the noon day sun and proceeded to lunch, a beautiful spot with manicured grounds and good food.

Our next call was Kakamega Juvenile Prison, this housed over 100 children between the ages of 5-15. Miles Blair was the star performer with his guitar. This minstrel has such an anointing, and call on him to bless people with music. He weaved in and around the youth playing for them and they loved the music, and they loved him. We kinda love him too… (smile) but don’t you tell him I said that…(smile)

When we finished there, that completed the Kakamega portion of this mission trip. We have been blessed and privileged to be part of such an undertaking. Joseph Kinuhtia, our host has gone above and beyond the call, to see to it that we were provided for. We have met friends who will remain in our lives. We have blessed and been blessed. The sights and sounds of Kakamega, the markets, and the traffic, the perpetual smile, the continual “Karibu Kenya” and the oh so familiar “Jumbo” will remain fondly within my memory. Monday we have a lunch with the Governor then leave Kakamega the next morning at 7 am and drive back to Kisumu for the final leg of our mission. This has been a trip of a lifetime for me I have seen first hand the need, and the need is great. Please consider supporting this ministry by contacting us, or visiting our web page PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES, or the Facebook group if you are a member or the Facebook page. We can’t do this without your help. Blessings..Bill McLaughlin

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