Update From Kenyan Chaplain, Joseph Kinuthia

josephHallo brother Brent, Good morning: Today I received a call from the commissioner of prisons in Kenya, thanking me for the good work I am doing in prisons. He said he has received a report from all the prisons we visited. For me it is a surprise as I have never received a such call for the past nineteen years. My brother, I thank God for your visit. Yes I am poor, but I believe that one day God will open doors for me, so that I can work without any hindrance. Pass my greetings to your beloved family.

Pstr. Joseph K. Kinuthia HSC (Chaplain)

{The HSC after his name means Head of State Commendation} The medal he wears, shows people he has this commendation. He uses it daily to get into prisons, and to keep others out of prisons. One day when the team was with him, a police man was about to arrest some people for trying to sell vegetables along the side of the street, as a shopkeeper had complained. Joseph came along and talked to the policeman and the people, and asked them to move just down the street, and asked for the policeman to leave them alone. He said they are just trying to earn some money to feed their families. If you arrest them, they will go to jail and their families will go hungry. Because he was wearing that medal, the policeman listened to him, and no one was arrested. God is so Good!!

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