Update On Our Trip to Kenya, February 2017

Team going into the ladies prisonDear Folks Blessings,

Here it is, day four of our trip and it has been more than words can explain. What a privilege it is to surrender my will, to serve the task that God has called me to. Freedom to follow Christ’s will, brings more blessings than one can imagine. Praise the Lord. The 22 hour flight went well with a stop in Zurich, then on to Nairobi where we spent the night, the next we traveled to Kissumu, where we were met by our agent Joseph who welcomed us, then drove us to our hotel in Kakamega. The next morning we were taken to share at the women’s prison in Kakamega where there were 160 women and 12 babies, what a morning it was!

When we first entered the prison we could hear this wonderful music coming from the central yard. The women were greeting us with praise and worship. I have a video that you can see on Facebook that is awesome, but can not send on this e-mail it is to large, just friend me on Facebook, you can get all the up dates there. After spending most of the day at the prison we left for a meal then on to a radio station where we were interviewed. It was a day to remember!

Be Blessed and know you are appreciated, Brent Bishop

Children in the ladies Prison

Dr Stephrn Hart live on the air

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