Visit to Men’s Federal Prison at Renous, NB

prisonvisit2After having a delightful dinner at Pastor Albertine LeBlanc’s home, we travelled to the Men’s Federal Prison at Renous. We were greeted by the Chaplin & escorted to the Chapel where several inmates came out to join us.

Pastor Jim led everyone in praise & worship with the men picking the hymns. After Praise & Worship, all appreciated Jim, singing his heart out to the men. Don Parker was then called upon to deliver his strong testimony as to how God took him from his deep dark place in life & turned it totally around for the Kingdom. The men sure related to him and to how Jesus never left him during his trials.

Mike then delivered a strong message about the love he experienced while ministering in Africa. A couple of the men KNEW ALL ABOUT WHAT WAS RELAYED TO THEM. God brought them to the Chapel that night to be ministered to. Praise the Lord! Mike then offered all the men to pray the sinner’s prayer. They all put up their hands when asked who wanted to go to Heaven. It was a night to remember. During fellowship with coffee, pop & cookies, many questions were asked of Kenya as they showed a strong interest in Africa. Only God can do what He did in these 2 correctional centers. By Mike Cody

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