Visit to Village of Hope May 4th 2016

village of hopeThis evening a team of six men from Prison Christian Ministries, Brent, Mike, Adrian, Bill, Don & Les find them selves en route to The Village of Hope.  This all male recovery centre, the inspiration of Pastor Mart Vahi, was first launched in Estonia.  Now the vision has spread to Tracy, New Brunswick, and is headed up by Mart’s son Andrew.  Situated on “God’s beautiful rural acreage” this recovery centre is helping set captives free from substance and life controlling issues.  Their Mission is simple, “To provide an organized opportunity for men and their families to overcome chemical addiction through a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.”  And that is where we come in, Prison Christian Ministries visit many such recovery facilities, we present the Gospel to these men, testimonies, prayer, and encourage and teach.

The evening began with prayer led by Brent.  Then Les, our song leader,  well versed in familiar favorites, led us in a time of worship.  One couldn’t help but notice one particular favorite of the men, “Walking In The Light”, this song seemed particularly powerful.

When the singing ended Bill spoke a word, using the analogy of a spider and it’s web as a “type” of the devil and sin. That many times our life controlling issues are a result of lies that we have believed, concluding that many times we are more victims of the lies rather than the liar. Many men seemed spoken to by this teaching.

Then Don shared his testimony.  This capable individual was once a residence at Village of Hope.  He now stands as a shining example of what Christ can do in a life, when they partner with Him, and receive the spiritual nourishment from such facilities as The Village of Hope.  Taking his rightful place in ministry, he has gone on to have his own recovery group.  You never know what God can do when we yield our lives to him.  As the evening progressed we heard compelling testimony form current residents in the program.

Truly God is at work and cares for His children providing such facilities as the Village of Hope and many Prison Ministries, of which we are one.  God has blessed us to be a blessing to these men.  Who knows what lives and ministries are being developed and restructured to go forth and make their ministry mark in life?  The service ended with Mike leading in prayer for needs, and us praying for each other.

As is custom, Les brought the much anticipated baking, that is so good during our fellowship time.  Then it was time to leave and we headed back to our homes, basking in the warmth and comfort that God had once again shown up, and proven Himself faithful to minister to His people.  Blessings…Bill

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