Circle of Friends

Often, those returning to society have no idea how to get re-established in the community. They need help finding work, housing and basic resources like food, clothing  and stable friends.  Without these basic components it is nearly impossible for them to reintegrate back into the community.

At Prison Christian Ministries we have established a circle of friends that are mature Christians who are willing to give of their time to be a friend to an ex-offender.   By spending  time, and listening to them, we help them make good decisions.  We help them get to church and help groups, where they receive Christian fellowship  and guidance.


book ministry - brochureWe at Prison Christian Ministries know our book ministry is a power packed ministry leading many lost prisoners to salvation. We distribute books to residents in Provincial Jails, Federal Prisons, Drug Treatment Centers, Soup Kitchens, Homeless Shelters and through street ministry.

Prisoners take them from the chapel to the ranges. Other prisoners who never make it to chapel pick them up and read them. Many have life changing revelations, because each book shares the Gospel of Salvation.


The Volunteers of Prison Christian Ministries, minister at Drug Treatment Centers, where men and women are trying to break free from a stronghold that has over taken them. We at Prison Christian Ministries believe the answer is Jesus. John 8:36 says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” This ministry is done through Bible Studies, Chapel Services, Christian Testimonial books, and Christian Teaching Books.

PEN PAL PROGRAMpen pal letter

Through our PEN PAL PROGRAM, Volunteers provide Christian Fellowship and Friendship to inmates, through regular letters. The letters break through the loneliness and isolation that so many inmates feel. As one inmate put it” When I got your letter, I felt blessed by the best! Perhaps YOU can help by becoming a PEN PAL.


jesushouseOPENING SOON! A long time dream of PCM, to open a Jesus House Christian Refuge will soon be fulfilled. We had a friend who was a Christian inmate. He was released after many years in prison. He had no family and no where to go. After so many years of incarceration, the atmosphere in the place he was released to, was difficult for him to deal with. Two weeks later he committed suicide. PCM’s Jesus House Christian Refuge is an alternative, where ex-inmates find a safe place to call home, where they will be ministered to as they begin the journey back into society.


In Kenya many young children accompany their mothers to prison.  These children are in prison because of no fault of their own.  Because there are no social programs to look after the children of Mother with baby & Crakersoffenders, if there are no family members to bring in things that are needed, then these innocent little ones go without.  Also there are many street children who are living in a park because their parents are in prison. 

Prison Christian Ministries has an agency agreement with a Christian Chaplain Rev. Joseph Kinuthia.  Through Joseph we are providing Milk to these babies 3 times a week, and food to the street children on a regular basis.  It only costs $15 per month to provide this life saving help.  Please click NEWS for more information and DONATIONS to partner with us.

More information on this program here.


If you have a heart for the prison ministry and would like to volunteer for any of our programs, please reach out on our contact us page.