Women’s Prison In Florida

womenprisonThe chapel is located in the middle of the prison, up on a second floor level, with a large balcony. After the heavy job of moving all the equipment up into the chapel, I was standing on the balcony, looking out over a huge prison complex where women were moving about in single lines, with guards watching their every move. The thing I noticed most was, no one looked up; they were all looking ahead, or at the ground. I know these women must have done something terribly wrong to be in a place like this, but I could not help but feel compassion, when I looked down and saw an older lady, approximately 70 years old or more, walking along in a worn-out sack dress, by herself, with her head hanging down, as if to say there was no hope. Who knows, maybe she was doing a life sentence. In Florida, if you commit three Federal crimes, you get life without any chance of parole, in other words, you die in prison.

Although the prison held 680 women, there was only room for 50 in the chapel. The women started pouring into the chapel at 12:45pm and by 1:00pm the place was full. Those who came, sure had worship on their mind. When the band started to play, the place came alive, the smiles on their faces told it all. Some danced about, rejoicing, others raised their hands to the heavens with their eyes closed, as they prayed. Some even got on their knees to pray, while others just sat there wondering what this was all about. It was not hard to tell God, through His Holy Spirit was at work. At the end of the concert and after many testimonies were shared, Tony asked me to close with prayer.

I was anointed with a prayer that caused many of the ladies to wipe tears from their eyes. After the prayer, there was a call to salvation by Tony, and many accepted the call. Praise the Lord for setting their souls free! By Brent Bishop.

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