Youth Detention Center

It is Saturday, Feb. 13th and I am on the HWY heading to the youth detention center with Dr. Stephen Hart, Jim Lewis and Sherry McMullin. I just got home from Africa on Thursday and still have some jet lag. There were four volunteers booked to do a chapel service with the youth and one cancelled. That gave me the chance to join them so I did. I have a heart for kids.

My journey with prison ministry all started with wanting to help the young offenders by telling them my story; I was a young offender and knew the pain that they hide so well. I thought by telling my story it might save some of them from going on to a life of incarceration, and maybe even lead them to Jesus and His love; it is what truly made the difference in my life.

After we arrived and were taken into the chapel six young men and one young lady came to join us, seeing how there is only 11 youth in the center, 7 was a good turnout. When I was in the youth center, there were 96 of us, how nice it is to see things changing.

Dr. Hart shared first, then Sherry, then Jim, they all shared from their heart really trying to connect with the youth and were doing a good job. I was chosen to share last, when I share, I have nothing planned, no written speech, I give over to the Spirit and He never lets me down. I have no idea what I said, except I talked with conviction about Jesus and His love, and at the end I asked who would like to have their lives changed. Four out of seven raised their arms. So we all bowed our heads and prayed the sinners prayed, approximately a week before this I prayed this same prayer with 1200 men all at the same time. But that did not take any importance away from praying with these four young men. I wanted so much to help these young men.

Before they left us we gave them as many testimonial books as they would take. These books can and do give who ever reads them true encouragement, that God is real and can change a life given the chance.

It is nice to be home and back doing the badly needed prison ministry here in New Brunswick.  Be Blessed in Jesus where real hope begins.

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