Who We Are

We are a Federally Incorporated Canadian Registered Charitable Organization. Our Charity Number is 803492925RR0001. We are governed by a local board made up of Dr. Stephen Hart, Rev. Brent Bishop, Albert Hood, Mr. Bill McLaughlin, Hal Babcock, Rev. James Lewis and  Sherry McMillan.

We are fast growing group of approximately 100, mainly Volunteers and Prayer Partners, from various Christian Denominations. We have a calling from God, built on a foundation of prayer to…

Circle of Friends

Often, those returning to society have no idea how to get re-established in the community. They need help finding work, housing and basic resources like food, clothing and stable friends. Without these basic components it is nearly impossible for them to reintegrate back into the community.

At Prison Christian Ministries we have established a circle of friends that are mature Christians who are willing to give of their time…