An Update From Geoffrey

Dear Prison Christian Ministries and Friends,

Sometimes I don't believe how time flies. A few years ago we had a dream of a Christian rescue center for the children whose mothers were in prison - a Tabitha House

Today we are talking about completing the third one. What a wonderful God we serve!

The photos attached speak volumes of what Tabitha 1 has done to the children whose lives we have touched thus far. The faces tell it all. They jump all over the place with joy in their eyes.

This could not have happened without your sacrifice and gift of love. We will forever be grateful.

In the next few days we will see ten children join the formal school near the Tabitha House.

They will be coming home to a very welcoming environment full of Gods love.

We are planning on a trip where they will be visiting their mothers in prison for a reunion and bonding so they will not be strangers to each other upon release. We request that you pray and purpose that you partner with us so that you can be a part of that program.

We will at some point be sending you photos of that remote parenting and am sure it will warm your hearts as well.

We pray that God blessed you all as we journey together with these children.


PCM Agent

Nairobi, Kenya


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