Street Children

An Update On Our Program for Street Children

Dear Friends & Partners,

We are thrilled to report that in March 2024 the Prison Christian Ministries feeding Street Children program has been an important extension of the work we do at PCM -Tabitha House 2. Life is tough for these street families and we strive to provide them with a place to take showers, change clothes, rest, recharge each day, and join the Bible study and soft skill training program.

They told us that before Prison Christian Ministries came to their rescue, they had to fight for leftovers, saying, "PCM came to our rescue, people used to bring us food at the base – food that they couldn’t eat. We had no choice but to fight for the stinky food just to fill our bellies. Most of the time, we would scavenge in the bins where the food was not even fit for a dog. But now? We eat freshly cooked food just like normal humans. Nothing will ever repay what Prison Christian Ministries is doing for us. “

Prayer request: Pray for funds towards the construction of toilets and showers that will help these street children... see the proposed site below.

Please they need your help - donate today.

Monthly partners save lives.


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