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Dear Family and Friends, 

We are more than happy to announce that this month we have started sending milk to the babies in two more prisons in Kenya. Kitale Prison and Eldoret Prison this makes 8 prisons in total. Our goal is to supply all 18 prisons with milk and bibles.

To date, we do not have the funds to send bibles. It will cost 250.00 per month to supply one of these prisons with 25 bibles a month which would be ongoing. You will not find a more needed place to build God's kingdom and share the love and hope of His promises. Please pray about this mission and if God calls you to help, please do not cross over to the other side of the street. Be a good Samaritan. Prison Christian Ministries is a non-profit, the only paid staff are the ones who work at our Goodwill Store where we raise some of the funds needed to run the ministry.
Be Blessed

See Attached my contact information below.

Dear Brother Brent,

Praise God Brother. Thanks so much for remembering these two prisons.

Yes as you requested, I have done my part that you show that your Board the two prisons. Remember I requested them to do this, and you see because of the issue of social distancing, they brought some few children to the gate for clarification.

I also want to inform you that our Government currently does not allow taking of photos within the facility. Hope that Geoffrey had also told you that. I requested for these since I required to have them before your Board.

Lornah was kind and told them how she donated the land to the ministry - Jesus House. This touched my heart for how a poor can donate her land such which is so much expensive, that can be valued for over KES 2 million.

So let the Board know that everything is going on. May God bless you and feel free to ask any question.

The land donated is where the ladies aftercare is located. It now serves as a house, church, and a safe place for 50 widows and their children.

Yours Brother in Christ,

Pstr. Joseph K. Kinuthia HSC (Chaplain)


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