Please help the Street Kids of Kenya

One of the most amazing things we have achieved at Prison Christian Ministries is the feeding program we run for our children living on the streets in Kakamega and Bungoma. Your support has increased bonding, friendship, and mutual support among these children. A few years ago we were reminded of the harshness of living on the streets in Kenya when a young boy of 9 years old, was burnt to death because he stole a few coins to survive. Street children and street families are treated like rats and live in constant fear. Death is a heartbeat away at all times. This shocking story hit our community hard. But thanks to PCM supporters, last year we hit a huge milestone, we provided 4 meals a month to our street children, this is a huge achievement and has helped a lot in Kenya. We are looking to raise money for a special construction project in a Church Hall in Kakamega. It would support the Street children with washrooms that could provide toilet, sinks and showers with running water. In turn this project will help them clean up and join our mentorship and recovery class which is a haven table of healing for these vulnerable children. If you would like to join our partners and help us continue this important work of weekly street family feeding or assist with our special clean up project, please hit the blue donate button at the top of the page.