Dawn’s House Christmas Report

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy New Year!

Below you will read a report sent out by Dawn’s House. They are doing a much needed work in saving lives and putting families back to gather for Jesus. A work not many are welling to do most of them get little pay or none, and they are short on funds most of the time. I know people are busy and a lot of time we have no time to give. But all of us can give something even if it is only $10.


be blessed real good

Hello Friends!

Here we are in a brand new year full of blessings. We wanted to take a minute and share with all of you this praise report of our Christmas here at Dawn’s House Recovery Centre for women.  

We cannot express with words the gratitude we feel by the blessings received this Christmas. No one expected to have been so blessed being our first year and our doors opening December 1st. We have 4 ladies here.  We had a party before Christmas with gifts and a meal for them with family. 

Then on Christmas day each were gifted over 100$ in various gift certificates, each a bag of 100$ worth of makeup donated by an Avon rep, and might I add this Avon rep lives over an hour away and specially delivered the gifts on Christmas Eve. They received each a comforter, 3 stockings full of little gifts each, Christian colouring books, markers, clothing, scented products and a local artist contacted us and had made personal photos with pebbles and sea glass into images personal to them. They received a basket of yummy chocolates. . It was overwhelming, in an exciting way, to see this happen. 

When we prayed for Christmas, God told us not to give it another thought, He was taking charge. We cried tears of joy as we were blessed to be able to set all of those gifts around the tree. His plans are greater than we could ever imagine! We are grateful for everyone who God used to bless these brave and beautiful ladies this Christmas We will keep all who played a role and those who have and continue to pray for us in our daily prayers.

With all the Blessings for Christmas I would like to ask if anybody finds it in their heart to support us financially as lately unexpected cost came from a plumbing job than we had to update our website plus we have to buy mattresses for the next 4 girls coming in.  It is very costly so we would appreciate any amount to help or even support us monthly.  We are a registered charity and we do give receipts for tax purposes.  You can etransfer to dawnshouse2@gmail.com or go on to our website www.naomiandruth.ca. donate now or mail; mailing address is 238 Rusagonis Road  Rusagonis Nb  E3B8W8

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