How Prison Babies Got Milk!

The Prison Babies of Kenya

When a mother in Kenya is sent to prison her children under 4 go with her, unless she has someone to take care of them. If the children are small, they have to suckle from their mother and if the mother is sick the child could have major problems (even die).  The Kenya Government do not have the funds to provide a proper budget to the prison, therefore malnutrition can be a real problem.   

When we at PCM realized this, God put it on our hearts to start sending milk into a prison, at that time we had little to no funds (but we had Faith He would supply the needs for the project). All we could afford was milk for one prison, but He provides for our every need. Today we are sending a case of milk (24 servings) per month to every child that are in the Kenya prisons, approx. 338 children. 

I received a letter from a lady in Machakos prison who said she could not believe that we were giving her milk and asking for nothing in return. She said this had never happened in her life before. At the time she was sick and her baby was very sick, she was afraid for her daughter’s life. After her baby drank the milk 24 times a month, she became healthy and because of this she said (if this is what Christians do, she wanted to be one and gave her heart to Jesus). When I received this letter she and her little girl were out of prison, healthy and doing well. When there is no way, God finds a way, Praise Jesus.

When these children turn 4 years old, they have to leave the prison because the prisons have no way of educating them. The problem is that these children are looked down upon as a bad omen (a curse could come upon the home they live in) so few of them find a good home where they are loved and cared for. After a couple of years, the child feels unwanted and some are abused. Eventually the child goes to live on the streets with the other 300,000 homeless children, where they are excepted by the other street children and feel like part of a family.

Once we understood this, we prayed for a way to help these poor children who were guilty of nothing except loving their mothers, we sent this story out to anyone who would read it, asking for people to partner with us and help build Christian Transition Centers, where the children could come and live, with beds to sleep in, clothes to wear, food to eat, games to play, an education through the local schools, and a safe place where they feel they belong, but most of all, they find out  that Jesus loves them and that they are special.

After learning about the children, it was not very long before people started partnering with us. Today we have completed one Tabitha House in Murang'a a second will be finished in Bongoma by the end of this month and the third in Norak, is starting to dig its foundation. We are now raising the funds needed to build the forth Tabitha House that will  be located close to Mombasa.   

We with His and your help, will finish 10 before we ever think of slowing down. Praise the Lord for he is so good. Come and join us on this wonderful journey and see where God's power and excitement takes us.

Go to and become a life saver.

Be Blessed Real Good


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