In Need of Swahili Bibles

Dear Family and friends,

We are in desperate need of Swahili Bibles. Our cost in Kenya at the Kenya Bible Society is $11.00 Canadian each. If you know of any other source please let us know or if you could help in any way it would be a blessing. Please pray for a breakthrough.

Be Blessed Real Good



Greetings from all women in mount elgon.

We are so much praying for Prison Christian Ministries and we love you in how you have changed our lives with the love of Christ.

Many women want to register but we talked to pastor Joseph and he advised us that it will not be good to have many women in the camp because it will bring many expenses in the ministry. which also I saw it good.

On behalf of all women, I want to appreciate your coming and helping us, thus in the support we are able to have food for ourselves. We have requested pastor Joseph to come and preach to us on 10/10/2020 and we have requested if he could get us even Swahili Bibles to bring to us we will appreciate.

Say hello to all the brothers and sisters who help us in mount elgon. thank you.

Yours Lonah

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