Ladies Christian Drug Treatment Center in Fredericton

Good afternoon folks,

It brings me great joy to be able to tell you that Fredericton is going to finally have a Ladies Christian drug treatment center called

The Dawns House is a Drug Treatment Center located in Rusagonis NB and it will be run by Ruth and Naomi.

Francine Allain heads up this organization and has for many years with lots of success in treating ladies through Christ for addictions.

Some of the staff have already moved into the house and are getting it ready to start taking in ladies. They need our help, they have little to no budget and they’re in need of four sets of bunk beds with linen and blankets any monetary donations would be welcomed so that they can get ready to start paying their staff.

This is an opportunity for the Christian churches and Christian community to pull together as a big family and help make this badly needed treatment Center a success. Please join with us at Prison Christian Ministries to add to His Kingdom and to support this worthy cause.

Be blessed real good in Jesus’ name.

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