Merry Christmas To All

Dear Partners,

Are you looking for a good place to make a donation that will give you a real bang for your buck that will save a life.   Check out our 2021 report below.

No one at Prison Christian Ministries gets paid except the employee's at our Seed the Need Thrift Store where volunteers make the difference..

All of the profits from the store and the donations we receive go directly into ministry.

If you feel led to help, please send your seed to

Or go to our donation page at


Rev Brent Bishop Founder,
Director Prison Christian Ministries
176 Main Street, Fredericton NB
E3A  1C8

Wow was 2021 ever an awesome year, and its all thanks to you.

Here is what your seed accomplished.

 We provide employment for 5 employees at our store.

 We were able to provide some Chapel services in 5 correction centers.

 We were also able to provide Chapel services in 4 addiction treatment centers.

 We raised over 3,000.00 to help Village of Hope.

 We raised over 25,000.00 for the lady’s treatment centers, we also supplied Christmas gifts for the ladies and their children at Dawn’s House.

In Kenya East Africa:

Provided the funds to purchase of 406 cases of milk for the children living in the aftercare we built for the homeless women and their children in Mount Elgon that are coming out of prison.

We provide 2000 meals for the homeless street children in Kakamega.

Purchased and delivered approximately 14,400 bibles to 58 prisons in Kenya.

Purchased and delivered approx. 4,200 cases of milk to 28 women’s prisons.

Built our first Tabithan House, a Christian orphanage that will provide a safe place and proper teachings for the children left behind when the parents go to prison.

We give all the glory to Jesus

Rev.  Brent Bishop


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