My God is still alive!!!

As I sit here writing this report, I find it hard to believe what God has done with my life. There was a time I hated God and would not admit He even existed, but now I have such a love for Him and now I get to see miracles unwind and blessings flow before my eyes.

We have finished His Tabitha House, a Christian Home for the children that have been in prison with their mothers and are coming out of the prisons at the age of four. This is the first of its kind, never before has anyone done this. Some of them have been born in prison and have spent all of their lives there without even a toy to play with and not guilty of anything except loving theirs mothers. Hallelujah!  we will have these little ones playing with lots of toys as soon as we have the work finished that is listed on the report below.

The cost of operating the Tabitha House will be $3500.00 per month.

Along with finishing the Tabitha House we have been supplying thousands of cases of milk and bibles to 54 prisons. Our Agent Geoffrey Kungu spends 11 days on the road delivering the word of God and the milk to all 54 prisons each month.

The cost for this ministry is approximately $4,000.00 per month

We are also excited to say that we have two new agents Chaplain Chris Wofula and his wife Chaplian Linet Munoko who will be serving the street children of Kakamega a full meal every Saturday as long as we can provide them the funds that are needed.

The cost for feeding these street children is $ 1,200.00 per month. We are all volunteers no funds are paid out for labour.           

No Money, No Ministry, Please help.

We also at the same time do monthly services in all the Provincial Correction Centers and Addiction Treatment Centers through out the province.

Please pray about this and see where Gods leads you. Without partners who trust us, this would not be happening. You can send an etransfer to or go to our website at

Rev Brent Bishop Founder, Director
Prison Christian Ministries
176 Main Street, Fredericton NB
E3A  1C8


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