Natasha’s testimony of being set Free of Drug Addiction

Dear Friends I am Natasha,

I was a drug addict for 20 years of my life.  While using 155 mills of methadone a day for 18 years, I was homeless for 2 years and I was completely hopeless.

Then God spoke to me and told me to call Prison Christian Ministries for help in finding Dawn’s House. So while in jail I called Dawn’s House. They are a Christian based women’s rehab. They picked me up from the police station when I was released from jail, helped me get started in a 9 month rehab program and provided me a safe place to live.

At Dawn’s house they have a structured day of bible studies, a walk, chores to do, afternoon programs, church, celebrate recovery and lots of other self help programs.

I have come to know Jesus at Dawn’s house and gave my life to him. I learned how to remain sober and acquired a new family of sisters.

I graduated from the program in November 2021 and I am now 15 months clean from all drugs, including methadone, something I thought I would be on for the rest of my life. I now work at Dawn’s house leading bible study and help looking after the girls.

Dawn’s house saved my life. I know that without Dawn’s house I would still be using drugs, in an abusive relationship, on methadone and struggling to find a place to lay my head.

The best part of everything is my relationship with Jesus Christ, he is my strength and best friend. Without the love and support I received at Dawn’s House this may never have happened.


Dear Folks,

This is one of the many ladies who have gotten their lives back and became what God had planed for them. Dawn’s House is needed so badly, yet there are struggling because they do not have the support that is needed to operate fully.

Please pray about this, let God guide your heart, your help means so much to so many.

If you will help, please send your e-transfer to  A tax receipt will be sent out to you in the mail.

Rev Brent Bishop Founder, Director

Prison Christian

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