Our Partners Supporting Schools and Prisons in Kenya

Dear Friends and Family, It gives me much pleasure to send you out this report, We had some good-hearted partners donated all of the funds that were needed to fill the budget request we received from the Daisy Special School in Kakamega. Also because for the support we are receiving at Seed the Need Goodwill store we were able to add 2 more prisons to our list. This means that out of the 22 women's prisons in Kenya, 11 are now receiving milk each day so the children that are in these prisons will not go without the proper nutrition that they need. we are almost halfway there. We also feed 100 street children 4 times this month. Please keep praying. God Bless you all for making this possible. Phil:4:13 I can do all this through Him who gives me strength, Christ who is in me, greater than I, can do anything. Praise Jesus
Dear Brother Brent, Happy writing to you and to inform you that Prison Christian Ministries donations were well received. See how each of the disabled and their caretakers were happy in seeing this great offer to their site. For sure, you are one who has greatly remembered these disabled. God is good and may He continue opening doors and seeing you all in Prison Christian Ministries. Otherwise, everything was ok. Just to request again.. we stall have 6 children who need wheelchairs. Thanks and blessings once more even for the kindness and love you have shown to these children in need. Yours in Christ's Service, Emily


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