Dear friends at Prison Christian Ministries,

It gives me much pleasure as I write this short story – what you have done for us, especially at Tabitha House 1.

Allow me to highlight just this one short story about a girl called Mukami. She’s physically challenged and when she came to the house she could hardly walk. The mother is serving a sentence in prison and will be finishing her sentence in a month.

Mukami has to go for therapy every week in the hospital and this has helped her a lot. She can now not only walk but she can now go to school. We have to hire a motorbike to take her to school and back for five days a week. However, as a result, she has an opportunity to mingle with other children and have a sense of belonging. She has a very good teacher who assists her in writing and reading. The teacher tells me that Mukami can now write her name.

It’s a journey that we are determined to walk with her.

Her mother can now do time in peace knowing that her daughter is staying in a very homely environment, assured of three healthy meals a day and a very warm shelter.

This is an extra expense to us, Please, we need more partners, please consider donating today.

May God richly bless you.

A Visit to St. John on Easter Monday

It was a beautiful Monday morning when 5 volunteers with Prison Christian Ministries loaded into a van and headed to Threshold House in St. John, New Brunswick, which is a treatment center for men suffering from substance abuse.

What a wonderful service we had, you could feel the presence of our Lord and you could also see the hunger for God’s work in the faces that attended the service. It was a beautiful awesome day. We were blessed going and blessed coming.

Praise the Lord!

Be blessed