Prisoner’s Christian Tabitha House Is Near Completion

Beloved friends, Greetings once again from Kenya, I am again overwhelmed  with joy and thanksgiving to Jesus for having brought us this far. With babies receiving milk in 28 women prisons and bibles being distributed to over 56 prisons now, we could not have asked for anything better.I always run short of words when I have to do this report.The home is nearing completion.We had done the greater portion and we are believing by end of December we should be through. I have attached picture of a very special small boy going to school with a school bag at the back.This is one of the beneficiaries of our milk program in Kitui women prison, he is now able to walk to school. He is healthy. His name is Dan. He is just an example of how Christ's love can be illuminated through us. Many children in the other women prisons are also having meaning faces. With the Tabithan Home coming up, we will give the children to fly to their destiny. May God keep blessing you now and always. Geoffrey Kungu. Agent.
Prisons Christian Ministries in Kenya.

Dear Family & Friends,

    Thank you again for helping to make this happen, It is hard to believe how much is be done through Prison Christian Ministries, but then there is God.Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. 

 We are now in the last stages of the Prisoners Christian Tabitha House with another $10,000 to raise we will have the building  completed. Please give us your prayers and if God places it on your heart to help, it will be a blessing.


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