Street Children Receive Shoes and Trousers Thanks to Partner Support

Dear Family and Friends, Thank you so much for your support, These children were so excited to receive these gifts, and the meals you help to provide they mean so much. I wish I had the words that could help you understand how you are changing lives, but only God can do that. Be Blessed and know you are loved. Dear Brother Brent, Am grateful in writing to you even to thank you for the good work we are doing as ambassadors here in Africa. That's why God chose you to be called Brent Bishop. Brother, I was able to distribute the shoes and trousers, but the funds were not enough to provide the children with shirts, despite all they were so much happy. Hah, I was surprised how these children informed of their colleagues and they came over in numbers for over 110. My target was 100 children... them I promised to give them when I get the next time. Kindly, pass over my gratitude to Mr. Steve who gave out towards funding this project. Yes, I trust that twas out of his heart that he gave. Attached, find support photos for the project. Also I have attached, copy of the Mt Elgon photos of the toilet project. Brother Brent, your help has changed many people here in my County Kakamega - and nation Kenya. I trust that GOD will continue blessing our ministry PCM ... for whatever seed we plant here of any kind, we shalt reap in heaven.. it is us to choose which seed to plant, whether seeds in good soils or bad soils!! Much blessings from Kenya. I will be preparing the reports and reports for your reference.


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