New Update: Support Needed for the Ladies Drug Treatment Center called Dawn’s House

Dear Friends & Family,

We at Prison Christian Ministries Inc. are partnering with Dawn’s House Treatment Center. There is such a need for ladies & men in addiction and this organization has a very successful track record.

We have been ministering at the Naomi & Ruth Center for years and have witnessed many ladies who have experienced life saving redemption through the teachings and power of Jesus Christ.

Join us in this mission, lives will be saved, families will be reunited, and God will be glorified. Win, Win, Win.

Call them today.


Hello friends,

My name is Rachelle Allain. I have recently moved to Rusagonis, near Fredericton, to work as Director of a new Treatment Centre called Dawn’s House. This Centre is an extension branching off of Naomi & Ruth Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre in Shediac.

Dawn’s House will help in serving women suffering from addictions in the Fredericton area and surrounding provinces. We will be opening at Dawn’s House on December 1st.

We are reaching out for help for some items still needed, TV, kitchen table/chair set, and dressers.

Christmas is fast approaching. We will have ladies not able to go home for Christmas. We would welcome any donations to help give these brave and beautiful ladies a blessed Christmas. We thank you in advance and may you be richly blessed.


Rachelle (506)312-2973
Francine, Founder, @ (506)481-0406

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