Tabitha House 2

Tabitha House 2 – Birthday Celebrations for Frank and Cecilia

Birthday celebrations

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to report that on 4th April 2024, Frank and Cecilia celebrated their birthdays. Their parents are incarcerated in Naivasha Maximum Security prison, but because of PCM, they are not living on the streets with little to eat and can enjoy birthday celebrations.

Frank and Cecilia - a sweet boy and girl are now living in our PCM - Tabitha House 2 and are a part of our Prison Christian Ministries Tabitha House 2 sponsorship program. They find joy in playing by themselves with toys and they also enjoy watching television. Cecilia's and Frank's days are filled with exciting new experiences in physical therapy, where they eagerly engage in art projects and playful ball activities. Cecilia delights in the simple pleasures of listening to music, dancing with friends, and trying fun foods. Cecilia also enjoys praying with her peers every night.

Join us in supporting Cecilia and Frank by offering prayers for these children.

The cost of caring for one of these children is $100.00 per month. If you can help please donate today.

Monthly partners save lives.


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