The mission of Tabitha House is to full fill the teachings of Christ embraced in the gospel of Matthew verses 25:35-36 and the gospel of Mark verse 16:15 by serving the mothers and orphans affected by incarceration.


The vision of Prison Christian Ministries is to bring peace to mothers in prison and provide a safe, Christian-based home to care for their children in their time of need. We will glorify God by ensuring every child that enters Tabitha House learns about the teachings of Christ and that our main purpose in life is to honor and serve Him.



Each child that enters Tabitha House will be treated with love and respect and will have all their physical needs met. They will receive a warm, clean bed to sleep in, three healthy nutritious meals per day and clean clothes to wear. Their access to education will be a top priority and all their medical needs will be met. We will foster a healthy environment by enrolling each child in public school and involving them in their community by enrolling them in activities that match their interests. We will also introduce each child to other children in their community to build strong friendships that will help foster a sense of place and identity within their community. Lastly, we will encourage each child to maintain a healthy relationship with their mother by facilitating monthly visits throughout the child’s stay at Tabatha House. If a monthly visit is not possible, a visit will be organized no less than every three months. Once a child’s mother has been released from prison, they will be returned to the care of the mother unless there is a legal order preventing the reunification of mother and child.