Meet  Mr. Geoffrey Kungu and his wife Jacinta Njoki.  They are the PCM agents who manage Tabitha House 1.  They have four children and all are involved with the Ministry.
     Geoffrey and his team also deliver Bibles when available and do Chapel Services at 34 prisons. Geoffrey looks after delivering the milk to the prison babies in 17 of the women’s prisons. He and his wife are real assets to our Ministry, Praise God!


What keeps Prison Christian Ministries moving forward is the prayers, support and love we get from family, friends and new partners that God brings on board to help complete the mission. We have found people who are dedicated to not only making Jesus known to the prisoners but also dedicated to improving the lives of children affected by parental incarceration. This marked the beginning of the end of the nightmares and trauma that these children have had after their mothers are sent to prison. The Tabitha Christian Children Home that was just a dream is now a reality and Geoffrey Kunga is the director of the home which serves 24 children.


We realized that once a mother goes to prison, the children left behind are often left without anybody to take care of them, these innocent children affected by parental incarceration are considered to be a bad omen and suffer rejection from the extended family as well as the community. Most of them end up in the streets where there are now over 300,000 living, often they are recruited into crime and/or drug abuse, sooner rather than later they join their parents in prison and the inter-generational cycle of crime keep turning. This is PCM’s entry point, we decided to focus on reaching the children with the love of Christ, provide for their basic needs, shelter, food, clothing and education. The Tabitha Christian Home is serving not only as a place of refuge for the children, but also as an empowerment center for them and their mothers after they leave prison.

We have Tabitha House 1 and 2 now finished and have Tabitha House 4 almost ready to open, please pray for us and if God puts it on your heart to partner with us please click the button below. 

Thank you all, Be Blessed real good!

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