The Dawn’s House Graduation Fund

Dear Friends

While working with women who are battling drug and alcohol addiction, we have come across a recurring problem. Some of these women have good homes to return to, yet many do not.

There is little left of the $525 they receive from social assistance after paying their fee for monthly rehabilitation. This leaves them nothing in savings for when they successfully complete the program. As a result they leave the program anxious, with no money for first and last month’s rent, let alone food or furniture. In most cases, they have children and must be in a stable environment before they can receive the Child Tax Credit. This often leads to a return to their previous toxic and abusive environments, landing them back in their addictive behaviour.

Prison Christian Ministries has started a fund to provide assistance for these women, all of course, have given their lives to Jesus or rededicated themselves to Him and successfully graduated from the Dawn’s House program. This would entail a one time gift to cover first and last month’s rent. Rent will be handed directly by one of our representatives to the landlord and proof of rental contract must be provided.

Our goal is for this fund to accumulate so that we can meet the great demand. Would you consider becoming a monthly partner with us in this endeavour or consider donating a one time gift?

Thank you kindly for your time and consideration.

You can make a donation here at

Or donate to this worthy cause by e-transfer to

Please let him know that your donation is to go to the Dawn’s House Graduation Fund

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