True Freedom – Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan

This new existence has the technology of being connected to vast knowledge, wisdom, and music.

The heartbeat of my creation.

In these past few months, I have been able to absorb this wonderful, profound beauty of expression. Words have always accompanied music within me. I hear it clearly and my spirit awakes a creative river that flows. Both blends as one. It is a freedom no chains, steel bars, or size of wall could subdue.

My music remained a secret that only a few people were aware of for over 40 years. Then I met the people in Prison Christian Ministries. That drove four hours every week to bring the word and their love. Bible pages to me were what we used in solitary to roll up tobacco to smoke. Guess I was taking in the lord in some strange obscure way.

These folks and others, rejected any ingrained believe that the world beyond the walls consisted of nothing more than a grave for an old warrior of 62, who’s eyes and body were growing tired.

Love is a powerful substance. Kind of like fire water on steroids. It knocks my ass down and then the Creator went to work on putting some new fire in me. Believe it or not I would soon be standing before my brothers and sisters singing new songs. Ones that flowed like that old river. Jesus and I are floating down life’s journey. Sun on our faces, wind at our back. Humming a melody that seems to fly.

Sweet beautiful music.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, my friends.


Dear Family and Friends,

     A team of volunteers from Prison Christian Ministers have shared the gospel of Jesus in Dorchester prison to men that ready came to hear what we had to share because we were consistent and find, we all loved the Lord and it showed. Was it all worth it, read the words of a man who had spent 42 years in prison then let us know what you think

Please pray about this ministry. We need your prayers. If God puts it on your heart to help, you can by sending an e-transfer to or go to our web site

Rev Brent Bishop Founder, Director
Prison Christian Ministries
176 Main Street
Fredericton, NB E3A  1C8

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