Update on Prisons and Street Children in Africa

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you all for helping to make this happen. Below you will see pictures of milk piled in front of the prisons that we share it with. Our agent Joseph is doing a great Job making sure the milk is getting delivered for the children, This is only 6 of the 23 prisons we plan on helping with milk and bibles.
You will also see two pictures of the 100 street children we feed 4 times a month.

Thanks again, Be Blessed real good.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ’s Service,

Greetings and love to you all and I say praise God. I am glad for undertaking this opportunity to appreciate the work and service we undertaking in Christ’s vineyard. 

Attached, find copies of the Mission delivery reports, accounts summary and related photos for the ministry work. The number of children excluding the women in the six prisons is summarized as shown: Kitale (29), Eldoret (25), Kakamega (18), Busia (13), Bungoma (20), and Kisumu (21). This is the number as per now.

Remember sometimes when we delivery milk we sometimes have a challenge in the delivery due to the fluctuating number of children in the prisons, hence I pray that God would enable us have more funds in account for use in seasons when we have more children, and during the times we have less children we can have the funds in account for later use. 

Otherwise thanks for the love and support that you have been giving us. Let’s keep on praying that God grant us His grace and mercies in this service. 

I remain yours in Christ, amen.

Rev. Joseph K. Kinuthia HSC 
(Coordinator/Agent, PCM – Africa) 

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