Your Donations have Helped Hundreds of Children Behind Bars

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Kenya

It is with great appreciation once again as I write this note. Your donation that has helped hundreds of children behind bars with their mothers get a glass of milk for 21 days every month has given the babies a reason to smile.

Every end of the month they will ask the offices-in-charge WHEN IS THE BLUE CAR COMING WITH MILK?

You can imagine the excitement whenever, they see me pulling along the drive way from the prison gates when over the last few months when our country has been experiencing severe drought and the food ration for prisoners has gone down.

The glass of milk comes in very handy to subsidize the nutritional deficiency.

May God keep blessing you as we look forward to more blessings from you.


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Rev Brent Bishop Founder, Director
Prison Christian Ministries
176 Main Street, Fredericton NB
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